WTS: N95 Mobile

Guys i want to sell my mobile nokia N95 Gona get N95 8gb one from my cousin cming from america The set is working normally the front casing is in excellent condition but just the back cover is a lit bit loose so had to apply tapes=D...although u can change it urself

Accessories: Charger and 1gb memory card along with data cable(without box)and No warranty




here r the links to the pics





Bump price reduced to 18500rs

No warranty. Incomplete accessories (only data cable). No box etc. With only 1GB card. Dieing casing.

Having look at all these things and calculating money for new things that I am going to need to purchase for this N95. I am going to offer you 11,000 hard cash (I was thinking of 10,000). I am in Rawalpindi.

Haha man u guys try everything to make the seller kneel down and sell it to ur asking price the casing is in very gud condition plus just the back cover is a bit loose which is a general fault with N95 set(ill ask this when u use it for 3months)thats y i applied the tapes>>>>. plus one shopkeeper in singapore plaza offered me 16ks for it(offer rejected) currently dealing with some1 over a 17200rs deal??? any last offers from any1 and vampyr ur offer is formally rejected u r even trying to purchase it on less money as compared to shopkeepers i thought shopkeepers were shrewd.....anyways thanx for the interest if any...

@ Soulhunter

Dude, there is nothing personal. I calculated to buy genuine accessories, new genuine casing and new memory card (nobody in market buy old memory card and 1GB is far less for me). No warranty, I'll have to live if something went wrong. That's why I estimated that offer.

I guess that my offer has insulted you. That was not my intentions. It was a pure business offer, nothing personal.

My offer is now hereby canceled

Good luck with your Rs. 17200 dealing :)

no problem vampyr u did what all buyers do....even i do these things type of bargaining u can say anyways sorry if i was rude in any way

Bump price final 17000rs no more no less than this...... take it or leave it offer

mobile sold admin plz close this thread