WTS: LG KP500 aka LG Cookie (Apple Iphone alternative) Mobile phone

Almost brand new and scratchless with box and everything.Just 2 weeks old.

Bought unlocked from UK. (did not buy a locked one and then unlocked)

No warranty here but in perfectly working order.

Demand Rs.15000

contact: usman.mansoor@gmail.com

location: ISB/Pindi

For detail specifcations :



no features in this much price........useless cell

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no features in this much price…useless cell

Actually has more features than the iPhone in half the price :S

Next time you try being a fan boy, atleast do a bit of research !

what is MSRP?

so Iphone has features??


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what is MSRP?

Manufacturer('s) Suggested Retail Price.

iPhone 3G costs $600+tax. Then it costs for the apps you put in it, which range from free to $999, so you have to see the difference in price as well, obviously there would be some difference in between the two. In this price range its a good phone.

Have u sold this phone or not ? My offer of N82 is still valid for u

i have conacted him today and he told me that he has sold it fop rs. 12000