Location: Karachi

Condition: 8.5/10

Warrenty: No

DVD Read Speed: 16x

CD Read Speed: 52x







It is working perfectly, reads all working cd's & dvd's.

Post your reasonable offers here.

How much do u want?....i'll buy it!!!!

How much are you willing to pay?


What do you say?

@dude4 hey dude, its over 24 hours, no reply from you, have you changed your mind or something?

email me your number along with your asking price.

^ Email Sent! (sorry for the late reply)

New Limited Time Offer: RS. 650 only! (FINAL!)

Sorry for late reply..i did not check the thread...is it a combo or no?

^ Cant you read? Its a DVD+CD ROM, not a combo.

K...Sorry I didnt read it*

ultimate jst go 2 any not-welknown market of "city of lights" and sell it. Thats it. . . :)

how is the tech situation in !@#$. How great your info is! It really useful for me. Thanks.

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[quote=", post:, topic:"]

ultimate jst go 2 any not-welknown market of “city of lights” and sell it. Thats it. . . :)

I think, we all know that the dealers in these markets (either well-known or not well-known) buy things at a very unreasonably low cost, & then sell it at a much higher cost.

Anyway, i’ll sell it to anyone who gives me a fair price.

you never replied to my sms ...


[quote=", post:, topic:"]

you never replied to my sms …

Just replied…

PS sorry for the mega-late reply.


BTW the price is negotiable...