[WTS] Intel Mainboard D965RYCK

Want to sell my D965RYCK mainboard purchased on 26/11/07 (warranty remaining, got the distributors card). Original purchase was from point one (Galaxy Computers).

Price: U tell me (back in the day i paid 8200 for it)

Reason for selling: Upgrade

Location: Karachi

Any known Problems: it hasn't bothered me apart from the fact that it starts up for 2 secs when main socket is power switched on and then shuts of, i think its a glitch in this series cause it has been happening from day one and hasn't caused any problems.

I got all the cd's that came with the board. Interested buyers PM me or reply on the thread.

Can you please post the technical info of the board......Memory Support....Processor Config....and last but not the least the final PRICE/////

well you can visit the following for the complete details


however i can save you the trouble and highlight some prime features

ATX form factor

533/800/1066 bus processor support (65 Nm processors at max supported) currently using E2180 dual core on it.

533/667/800 bus ram support, max 8GB (currently using 4Gb 800 bus on it)

PCI Express slot x16 along with built in g965 graphics

Six channel Sigmatel audio sound (not the cheap realtek)

well i am looking round 4K given the following

warranty still applies for over a year

its a rock solid board

got all the original cds (no manuals came along or would even have those)

i take good care of all my hardware.

now let me tell you that i am a reasonable person so am willing to negotiate, provided i get a genuine buyer who posts a reasonable offer.

Hmm....Well I am not going to quote any price.....anywayz.....I saw the same board on PKFORUM and he was asking 3k for it...but hes located in ISL so there was the shipment problem...anyhow.....please do let me know the final price....and PM me.....

chk your email


no mail from you click.

price reduced (by public demand) to Rs. 3500 final.


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