WTS: Intel Dual Core 3 Ghz D930

Fan & Heat sink included

Speed: 3 GHz

Model: Intel Dual Core D930

FSB: 800 MHz

Cache: 4mb

Reason: Upgrading

Demand : 3 K

No warranty

Little Negotiable


Lahories Only

Dear its name is Intel Pentium D, Dual core is much more latest than this.

Ok dear whatever (it was dual core until that e series came out) anyhow i have put the model no. for only this purpose.

i want to sell my PIV 630 2mb l2 800bus for 3500 with 4 months warranty POP karachi



^ Please make a new thread.


Isnt the price too high...,,??

i give u 2000 for ur processor

Price reduced to 3.5

Final PRICE I think I have to give it to my cousin if it is not sailed at 3 K.