WTS: Enzotech UltraX Cpu Cooler

Guys i wana sell my CPU cooler (Enzotech UltraX). It's a great great cooler, currently i've overclocked my E5200 to 4.1Ghz with this and the core load temps are areound 65c and E5200 is a hot hot chip.

DEMAND: 3.8K (free shipment).

PACKAGE: Cooler with one 120mm High air flow fan, BOX, and all the accesories except the thermal paste





Reason for sale: Need cash for something else.

REVIEW: Chek the following link for Cooler's review.


Also chek review to V8


In this review just compare Enzotech cooler with V8 and u'll notice that they are almost the same with difference of only 1C also chek that asus silent knight 2 is how far behind Enzotech UltraX.

Also chek the following link to the review of Thermalright ultra 120 and just chek the temps difference between TRU and Enzotech, again just about 1C.


No foolish offers Plz.

Here's the pic of temps while stressing CPU through Prime95, remember E5200 is overclocked to 4Ghz and also note that eventhough E5200 is 45nm but due to some unknown reasons it is a hot chip by nature.


By baber_kamal at 2009-08-31

price dropped to 3.8K with shipment. Come one guys