WTS: e2160 based pc!


I guess ill let it go altogether....

Intel E2160 1.8ghz with box, purchased 24-6-2008

Asus P5PE-VM purchased a few days earlier then the processor same 3 year warranty applies!

(supports DDR1 Memory, also comes with onboard video and supports C2D processors out of the box, does support BSEL mod for overclocking although no overclocking in mobo, is a very strong chipset in terms of compatibility this can take in a 45nm part too yes sir! A 45nm processor can be run on this board and also quads!)

DDR1 400 Kingston 512mb *2 in dual channel=1gb

XFX 6600GT AGP with box Accesories etc no warranty! (can be compared to 8500gt)

pictures to come later! im running this machine with no problems reason for selling is im not gaming anymore so the 6600gt and everything else is pretty useless to me so am signing off!

add in a psu, a hdd, optical drive and casing and ur dun!

serves much better then a integrated gfx solution!

6600gt (2.5k)

e2160 (4.7k)

ddr1 512mb Kingston 1-2 years warranty left (1.1k each)

P5PE-VM (2.5k)

The 6600gt has 3 other people who are interested in it, so there will be a bidding starting at 2.5k!

The processor has 2 people interested in it, bidding on it will start at 4.7k!

The motherboard and ram is on as is basis!