WTS: Dual Core PC

guys i want to sell my 2.67ghz dual core pc specs are

2.67ghz Intel dual core processor(Pentium D 805)

1 gb ddr2 ram Kingston(512X2)

combo Aopen dvd drive

Intel D945GTP motherboard

80 gb sata hardisk seagate

and offcourse the casing with 400watt power supply(No warranty left)

demand : 15ks(little negotiable)





Bump price reduced to 14000rs

can you sell only processor ?

hmmm i would prefer selling the system in one go but wait let me think in a day or 2 wether i shud sell it seperately ok

hi....i wanna buy your pc....

im also in pindi...plz give me your ph no so that we can take the deal further.

I'm interested in buying your PC. Also, living in Rwp. Contact me at: 0333-5251634. Or post me a reply.

The pirce of this pc is about 11000/- in the market.

hmm sry guys was out of touch recently eagle eye i have contacted u.........any more serious buyerz????

The price is 14k including the 256mb graphic card right as you mentioned in the phone call, right?.

Anyone here, willing to sell their system with a core2duo processor, call me than. The price should be real reasonable according to market prices.

The price is 14k without the graphics card and i may include it if u pay me 16ks of money and the graphics card is 6600gt 128mb but still runs farcry 2 at a reasonable fps at medium settings but i would prefer selling the system without it

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The pirce of this pc is about 11000/- in the market.

Buy it from the market then boy gud luck in ur pursuit for it

admin close this thread pc now being kept by me for now