WTS: Dual Core E2180

Dual Core E2180 OEM. Demand 3,500/-

Contact : 0344-4463026.

In which city you are offering this processor ?

Lahore. Can ship. buyer will pay shipping charges.

how much you charge for shipping in karachi

and is this avalible for sale oir not

The price of this process in market is 5500.

But this is OEM, so no Heatsink and fan included.


Shipping in around 150 - 200.

2.5 K from me bro! no offense.

Make it 3K and deal done.

E2180 is how much GHz ???

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E2180 is how much GHz ???


nop! can't raise my offer!

Sorry Bro.

no problemo!

is ur processor still available???