[WTS]DSL modem with wireless router And USB for sale

i have this DSL modem for sale ... it has wireless router for sale. it has ports for ethernet, USB and DSL . the model is BT voyager 2091 . (google it for specs) . it works fine on local ISPs. just the Modem and its adapter ... nothing else.

Demand : 2600(slight negotiation)

reason for selling: need cash.

location: karachi (shipping to other cities on buyer expense)(cheap)



dear faizy

on which isp are you using this modem



or any other

if you are willing to give in Rs.2000

just call me at 0333-3599946

or email me at faiq84 at gmail.com

bro ... 2000 very less .. if ur interested.. call me up at 0345-2093770 and well work a deal ....

ill throw in a 4 port NAT switch ( 1 WAN port, 4 LAN ports) @ 300 rs extra .... total package price ... 2600+300 = 2900

bump .. .anyone ? any more offers?

sold to faiq84 .. please close thread ...