WTS: Dell Latitude C800 Laptop

Location : Lahore or Rawalpindi

Specs : P3 850 Mhz , 128 MB ram , 10 GB hard disk , CD Rom , Floppy , 15.1" TFT Active Matrix Display, ATI Mobility M4 128bit video card, 56K Fax modem, and weighs 7.2 pounds.

Condition: Good

The Battery needs replacement lasts for only 20 Mins.

Demand : 10,000 Rs (Negotiable Slightly)


i will like to know if you will sell for 9,500 Rs.

and will you be able to deliver to the UK.?


sorry mate I can't ship to uk.

what abt shiping to khi and ur final price

Nope Its available only at rawalpindi or lahore.

can we see some pictures?

Got a good seller from other forum...

Dell Letitude C600

The configiration is below:-

1) 1Ghz Processor

2) 256 MB Ram

3) CD RW

4) 20GB HDD

5) Original Charger

6) Dual Pad Mouse

7) Built in Lan and Fax Modem

for only 9,500.

anyone want to give some comments on this machine.

MoHaa you will be lucky if you sold this crap for 5000 rupees.

In my opinion its not more than rs: 4000

^ not for even 3000

Sold for 7000 rs. Close the thread.

@above two posters

lol noobs!