WTS: Creative Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones

Creative Wireless Headphones SE2300 is great for MP3 music on the go, as it is designed for maximum flexibility and portability.

Works with all the new cell phones, MP3 players, PC and laptop audio cards supporting A2DP Bluetooth for stereo music.

A built in-rechargeable Li-Ion battery allows up to 8 hours of pure music listening enjoyment. In addition, the Creative Wireless Headphones SE2300 emits a beeping sound when its battery levels are low. It can be charged using either an AC outlet or USB port, and even has a unique energy-saving feature that allows it to automatically power itself down whenever the Bluetooth link is dropped.

The Package Contains:

Creative Wireless Headphones SE2300

Creative Wireless Audio Adapter CB2490

Carrying Pouch

Power Outlet Adapter Charger

USB Charging Cable (For PC And AC Charging)

Check The Image Below:



I bought these from Canada for 129 Canadian Dollars 4 months ago. Works beautifully on my N95. I want to sell them, if im getting a reasonable price for em'. Dont ask me y im sellin' it?

As there is no warranty and the condition is 10/10.

My demand is 6000 Rs.. Negotiable..

More Images Of Creative Bluetooth Stereo Headset..




Price Reduced to: 5000 Rs.

My offer 3000, final.

dude.. i said it is negotiable.. but thats a very low offer.. i myself bought this thing for almost 9000Rs.. i have already reduced it to half price of what i bought for..

Call me: 0333-2658280.. v can work it out something..


u in karachi ?

i live in karachi.. i can fedex the thing where ever u guyz like.. but the prices r pretty down.. 4800 rs.. final..!!

what about the battery life and condition and is the battery changable ? if the battery is not ok then can we change and is this available here ?

the battery goes on for like 8-10 hours and is rechargeable thru a charger or the pc usb.. condition is like completely new.. 10/10..


guyz one final blow to reduce the price to 4200 now.. no more negotiable.. thats final.. i have already reduced it alot..

wrong thread sorry


@ nadeem5476: im already being offered 3800 dude..

oh great

Will anyone plz give me a detailed link from where i can know all specs and rate of this headphone so i can offer Rs.4000 to adnanidani ?

@ Bakhtavar: Sorry dude its sold out for 4000 already.. if u wanna know the price and details anyway.. u can go over to the creative site.. :)


no problem if it is sold and congrats to you and buyer.