WTS: CPU Having E5200, 2 GB DDR2 RAM with DG 31-PR MB and 640 GB HDD

Intel E5200 Processor

Its benchmarks are approx equal to E7200 Core 2 Dou processor and VISTA runs like XP on this processor.

Intel original DG-31 PR motherboard

It is with Express slot and 8 channel audio and so on so.

Kingston Value RAM - 2 GB-800

All Items are just bought last month and these are with 3 years warranty.

All related items including Boxes and Warranty receipts will be provided on demand.

Mine demand is 17000. Offers invited !!!

Location : Lahore

bro im intresyed in few items if ur willing to sell them separately

I am interested in the hard drives

You all can make offers to mmqpak@hotmail.com also if individual items are required.

Keep in mind that these all items are few days opened. So please do some favour to me and make genuine offers.

Location is Lahore but if some want shipment then it can be done at his own risk and value.


check your mail sir

do reply