[WTS] Corsair Twin2x2048-6400C4DHX (4-4-4-12) - 2GB

Model: Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4DHX (4-4-4-12) - 2GB

Accessories: Just Packaging comes with the Rams, Included

Warranty: Yes

Condition: 9.5 / 10

Reason for selling: Upgrading

Demand: 2600rs (Exclusive of Shipping Charges)

Very Slightly Negotiable

Location : Gujrat, Can be delivered by hand if the buyer is in LHR/ISB.

Contact: PM me or SMS @ 0345-6886875 / 0313-7887875

Hey guys! well Im selling TWIN2X2048-6400C4DHX 2GB rams. As these r working flawlessly. No problems what so ever. Bought on 27-8-08. Original invoice will be given. These r very very slightly used as these r not compatible with my P5B Premium. Just tried these in a few systems to make sure if these work at their rated speed. So they've been lying around for quite sum time doing nothing.

Some specs:

* Dual-Path Heat Xchange Design

* Optimized Fins to maximize ambient airflow through the module array

* Extruded aluminum heat sinks to maximize convective heat dissipation

* Dedicated PCB heat sink

* Tested and packaged in pairs

* Tested at latency settings (4-4-4-12) at 2.1V

* EPP: 800MHz, 4-4-4-12-2T, 2.1V

* Unique DHX technology providing maximum cooling

Some Pics:




Serious buyers only. Offers posted in this thread will be ignored. Only offers received via PM / SMS will be entertained. DO NOT MIX THESE RAM MODULES WITH GALAXY ONE'S. AS THOSE ARE RATED 5-5-5-18 AND THESE ARE 4-4-4-12. AND I KNOW WHAT THEIR PRICE IS. THESE ARE HIGHLY OVERCLOCKABLE MODULES. AND PLZ DO NOT CRAP MY THREAD.

Thank You.


how much for one piece ??

sorry bro i didnt get either these are 2 rams of 1 GB or 1 ram of 2GB? please clear me.

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sorry bro i didnt get either these are 2 rams of 1 GB or 1 ram of 2GB? please clear me.

they are 2 Rams of 1 Gb bro.

one piece= 1 Gb