WTS: CORE 2 Duo processor , Motherboard , HDD , Ram



Bought in march 2008

Core 2 Duo E8400

Intel DG33FB

320Gb HDD Western Digital

4GB 2 Dimms 667MHz Kingston


check mail


What the fish.. I bought the same system* around the same time as well :lol:

*minus 2GB RAM


how much for HDD?


Hdd 3500


zarrukh how much for the PROCESSOR?


i am asking Rs.11000 for the processor


why selling? just curious!


Zarrukh i am interested in processor&HDD bro, i need the following information.

1-The place of purchase.

2-Processor comes in three year warranty, after one year would it be hand to hand replaced?


the product is POP's , and yes processor and hdd come's with three years warranty, and after one year , you just have to pay transportation charges for any of the thing for 2 years keep that in mind, people things and the vendor make u thing that the warranty expires after one year .


Is POP a shop?What is it really?Isn't like a conventional shop?


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Is POP a shop?What is it really?Isn’t like a conventional shop?

Pakistan offfice products.Its among the largest/oldest dealer for Intel/HP etc products here



wana Trade 320GB with 160GB + Diff?


yaar i am selling it, no space for any thing, wht happen to your lcd chase


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yaar i am selling it, no space for any thing, wht happen to your lcd chase

Brought a 19" CRT Monitor. =(


how much for 2gb ram

and how much for hdd

and whats the waranty status of both??


Im interested in the e8400 bro...i sent u a mail...khair if u didnt get it then give me ur cell number @ sh.dude@gmail.com we will work out a deal...


email 2


reply ,.


Check ur email. i have sent u an offer.Contact me fast.u should have given ur contact number in ur thread.


i have e-mailed u guys