Wts Computer System & Parts


The NEW Prices Are here you bid for it

22'' Samsung 2232BW LCD RS.24000 (used 10 months)

Intel C2D 8400 RS.14400 (used 5 months)

Intel DG33FB RS.7850 (used 5 months)

BFG Geforce 9800 GTX OC RS.19500 (used 4 months)

Kingston 4GB 667 DDR2 RAM RS.5300 (used 5 months)

YONG YANG Server Casing Rs.4000

Corsair 620 Watt Modular Power Supply Rs.9500

External HDD WD 120 passport Rs5000

NOTE:These are the new prices, so you bid for it accordingly


4850rs For Intel DG33FB


you only need a board


of which company is the external drive ?


WD 120 passport


WD = Western Digital

BTW dude why are you selling ur ENTIRE system?


i will be buying a new laptop after 5 months , my exam are going to start next months after that i will buy a laptop, because my exam will end in three months so my system will be useless, so thats the reason


how much u asking for the system, and where can i see it, i tried to call on ur cell no but did,nt get a reply


PLease remember Me For 320GB HDD :)..


Sold Out


i am intresting in your motherboard so plz if u want to sell it then tell me your final price


55000 fro whole system....


he said , sold OUT... mean Its Sold...