WTS: Blackberry 8520 Curve



I have one blackberry 8520 for sale. Used it for around 4 months. Handset came from Rogers Canada and it is not carrier locked.

I do not have the box and the memory card.

Data cable, Handsfree, Charger included.

I would ship to any where in Pakistan for free.

Picture included. Sorry for the bad quality. More pics will be uploaded soon.

Demand: 14000 FIXED.

Contact: IM or SMS 0345-2277983







PM me your offer.


^ We want the deal to be transparent. Read Clause 5: http://wiredpakistan.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=14078


Asking price??


Asking price?

Mods please take action


Price Updated.

Tried to follow all rules but forget the clause 5 :)