WTS ATI Radeon 2600 XT 128bits 256mb DDR3 DX10

bought it in july last year from galaxy



demand double 5 double 0 means 5500

fixed price.......... if you wana pay more you are welcome ...

didnt used it much cuz of studies

but did ended crysis a couple of times with high level of detail....


which laptop,

send me specs ???



^hahaha...cant stop laughing :D

he is selling a graphics card not a laptop

c'mon i dont want such **** people in this thread...

even a 128 bit laptop wid 256mb ddr3 of ram cant be worth 5500

and if anyone wants any further info about the performance of this card he/she can post here......

c'mon guys....

i need money.....

dont you wana play GTA IV


i wana sell it.......


i wana buy a bigone...

serves you right! HA!

"bara ati liya tha na! ab mazay lay!!!"

i would like to buy it ... but i don't have the money... so ... kia karoon??


i am not PATHAN... :P

so u cant do anything.......


[quote=", post:, topic:"]

serves you right! HA!

“bara ati liya tha na! ab mazay lay!!!”


he deserves tht ban

actually ATI is the best

"aur ab KISS cheez kay mazay loon"

the forum rules dont allow me to answer u well otherwise…

ok leave this jerk off and lets talk about trade…

i can pay 4000

let me know if you are interested



there is one big problem tht pathans has gifted us


if i said 7k for it u wud have readily said 5.5k for it...

@Shoukat: Bro stop cursing pathans, there are gud and bad people in every caste group neither all pathans are gud/bad nor all people are gud/bad from other groups. So i consider it real bad when people curse a group of people just becoz of their language/caste etc. Hope u understand and act accordingly.


price may b negotiable.. :P