WTS: Apple IPOD Nano 3rdGen (4GB) [Chinese copy]

My Location: Karachi

Will ship mostly anywhere in Pakistan.

Payment Options: Bankwire/Cheque/Cash on Delivery(Limited to Major Cities)

Price: listed below items and images.


Apple IPOD Nano 3rdGen (4GB) Copy.



MP3 Player

MP4 Player

Voice Recorder

Photo browser

E-Book Reader

USB Flash Disk

FM Radio

Price: Rs. 2800 /-

Cash on Delivery Charges: Rs. 400 /-

Courier Charges On Advanced payment: Rs. 200 /-

2 Pieces available in Black and Silver.

Anyone interested can let me know.

hmmm...are these ipods new ???...+++ gimme ur contact no....drop me an sms on 03455323136

Do u mean chineese copy or sumthin like that ??? or u mean the 4 gb version.

Yes brand new. Its the chinese copy and the 4GB version. You can call Abdullah at 0321-9293000

Yeah he mentioned that those are not original thing. these are chinese copy of the ipod (crappy but cheap)

i think those pictures are of real ipod

SaadIbrahim: They look just the same, the real one has Ipod written on it, I have another copy I'll be posting up tomorrow that has Ipod written on it.. Real one costs a lot more.. These are small, images make em look big though.

Some more images:



does the navigation works the same way? like in ipod you roll your finger over that circle to navigate. I think it won't be the case

No, here are the two things that make it a copy: The scroll doesnt work and there's no Ipod written on it..

I have changed the thread title to reflect the true nature of the product.

Thank you Asad :)

Does it comes with Mac OSX?

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Does it comes with Mac OSX?

Yes, according to the manual.

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Does it comes with Mac OSX?

But not the full fledge version a minimized evrsion and possibly a OS that looks a bit like mac os x

One left!

these arent so good. i sold my ipod NAno Orignal 4 Gb for 3K... scratchless!

these mess up very quickly, beware!

They are sold out on my side but yes I agree, got a couple of complains on this item through our online store

close thread admin.

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close thread admin.

Not really your concern.

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Not really your concern.

Stop spamming with one-liners.


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