WTS - 80GB Playstation 3 console - Hardly 3 months old

I am planning to sell my Playstation 3 80GB (bought it from USA). I live in Karachi so I guess I can only deal with guys here in Karachi. I bought it in September from the U.S.A. The machine is in GREAT condition and I could post the pics here if required but it is as good as new. One thing that I do not have is the box which is still in the US as it was not fitting in the suitcases so we had to leave it there but I can get you the box after 4-5 months in its original form. I also have the original reciept of circuit city USA just in case if you want to check the buying date (28th September).

Price? I am not going to mention any price right now as I don't really know what to ask for. I will be in a better position to demand a certain price when I go to the the market and get the idea of the 80gb console but for now, I'll let you guys place a bid or something. Please PM me if you do not want to leave a message here on the thread.