[WTS] 2x1GB DDR 400 Ram

I'ld like to sell 2x1GB DDR 400 RAM I bought some time ago. Its infineon brand. It can be tested using the windows memory diagnostic tool that comes on nearly every bootable vista CD. Czone is offering me Rs. 1200 for each (Rs. 2400 for both). I thought I'ld try selling it online and see whether I can get a better price. I'ld like to get atleast Rs.1500 per RAM (Rs. 3000 for both). Please PM me if you are interested.

(I seriously dont think any pictures are required. It looks like every other RAM)

my offer 2450 for both.

LoL....................... how generous. Come up with something atleast better than Rs.50

My offer is Rs.2500 for the two of them.

Which city r u from?

I am located in Karachi. Please check ur email

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I am located in Karachi. Please check ur email

I checked my email… buddy u r asking too much…

Rs.2700 + shipping expense makes this offer unfavourable to me. :(

SOLD.............. please close thread