WTS: 22inch Samsung 2232 LCD

bought a year ago

condition brand new

look like this , pictures


ur demand ?


what is the response time with this one?? is it 2ms?


sent u a mail chek it and reply

check ur mail kamal

there is a dead pixel only one which one can barely see , it is not big problem my last price is 17800

what about the warrenty and if there's any then from where the warrenty is claimable?? how much used etc

for 22 inch their should be 7 dead pixel minimum, after warranty can be claimed , warranty is of two year , i think 3 , i only used one year it is still in warranty

Yar atleast tell me from where u purchased and from where the warrenty is claimable? Now answer straight.

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for 22 inch their should be 7 dead pixel minimum,

there should be 0 dead pixels

yaar phir wohi baat....where are these forums mods at? sorry to say they are doing a pathetic job at moderating the forums....

ammarmalik hes saying ke there should be a minimum of 7 dead pixels to be able to claim the warranty.....u cant claim on 1 dead pixel...company policy....warna hum dangar nai hain.... :@

yaar i have purchased it from Hayat Computers the main distributor on 10/11/2007 comes with 3 year warranty

chek ur mail

sent u a mail again. Read it and reply

Do u still have it with u? If yes then plz reply to my email thanx

are you willing to exchange with acer AL1916W + difference ?

Buddy my final offer for ur lcd is 15K and that's final if u agree then send me a pm.

IS it still up for sale.... ? Your number 0323-2653947