WTR: Services of an AC guy

Guys, plz recommend me a good AC technician that you guys get your AC's repaired or serviced from. I'm in karachi, clifton/defense will be preferred, but if your technician is good then i'll be ok if his shop is anywhere in karachi


Split or Window ?.




Sheikh 'Eenie Meanie' Chilli


the main masla is the gas R22 is coming in 3 different standards and no one is trust able these days , they will say there are 3 typo gases number 1 , 2 and 3 it will cost you , 600 , 800 and 1100 respectively , you will probably say i need the best one the coolest one (as i did) and the technician will go or grab his calender and fill the gas , no doubt tht will b the third class gas 600/= ones and he will charge 1100+ from you for the same . as there is no standard to chk the quality of the Gas it is nearly impossible to have the original refrigerant as we have whn we buy the a/c from the company .