I bought an hd3650 from galaxy... the thing is that the ati catalyst control centre is wack... i mean everything is fine other than the refresh rate... my monitor can easily go up to 150hz or more maybe... the windows default is ofcourse 60hz .... and i use 120hz.... the thing is that i have turned it to 120hz after installing the drivers and the catalyst centre but it still feels like 60hz... wth is that?? i mean if you change it too 120hz then it should feel like it as the image is a lot sharper and clearer but it still feels like the cheap 60hz... help needed from people who have used the ati catalyst control centre... are there anyone tools which can enforce them?? plz help as my eyes can't bear 60hz

come on man someone tell me plz... i reinstalled the catalyst centre and even with the drivers installed it still happens... when you change monitor frequency the screen turns off and then shows the changes done... but with these drivers the screen doesn't turn off but only goes blank for a sec and then it says the frequency has changed but in actuality it has not... help me computer nerds

There is a software which is used to control and change the settings of monitor and graphics card. Its name is Power Strip. It is a very good software. This software works fine on Nvidia cards, I am not sure about ATI though.

Y don't you try it and change settings through it and see if it makes any difference.

You should have bought nVIDEA instead of ATI.