WTH!?!1? Lahore: 47 Degrees, 89% Humidity, 8+ Hours loadshedding

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Not exactly, but in a part of Pakistan from where everything look beautiful and heavenly. :)


Nice Point…I Agree…! :)

@tech ghost

You are from chiniot, i had a visit to chiniot last year in july man it was so hot there like earth was burning. Lahore and its surrounding areas are much better than chiniot in june july i think. By the way how much hours of loadshedding is in your area nowadays.

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Unbelievable…! :o Dude i think u are sitting outside the Pakistan now a days…!


i’m sitting in the regular old local rawalpindi :P

here in rawalpindi 2 hour 12.00pm and at midnight may be 3:00am

@ Ahmsun:

Nice to hear that u visited Chiniot..! :)

Dude it is a hot city indeed and all surrounding cities like Jhang..Sargodha..Faisalabad..Hafizabad etc also lies in that hot region! But Alhamdulillah! this Region is not as hot as Multan and Bahawalpur side! :cool:

Chiniot is facing LoadShedding of 7-8 Hours Daily! :(

@ AmmarMalik:

Oh....I remember...! 2 weeks ago..i went to Rawalpindi Chaklala Side..and really i was wondered to observe that in 24 Hours...Loadshedding span was just One Hour..!

So i thin....In future...I should consider Rawalpindi Outside the Pakistan! :D