WTH!?!1? Lahore: 47 Degrees, 89% Humidity, 8+ Hours loadshedding

This country is going to the dogs - In addition to the number of hours electricity was totally non-existent during daytime, here is what happened today:

7:00PM - 8:00PM

9:00PM - 10:00PM

12:00PM - 1:00AM

3:00AM - 4:25AM (WTH???? Are they ******* kidding me?)

And still to continue, I've lost count now ... (still up at 4:30AM, I work late nights)

Some numpty from PEPCO announced a few days ago to cease all load shedding for 2 days http://www.thenews.com.pk/updates.asp?id=79193 (WTH??!?!!?), so there wasn't any load shedding a for 2 days, and now immediately it's effing no holds barred 'forced' load shedding????

The way I see it , here is what's happening:

Oil prices went up a few months ago, and pakiland promptly raised their prices, but when the price went down to $30/barrel, in pakiland it's still the same price (obviously bringing prices down once they go up is not in fashion - in fact, it's downright embarrassing for pakiland to do so). Now, someone had this bright idea to stop selling oil to energy generation companies, and create an artificial energy crisis (OH NOES, INDIA DRANK ALL TEH WATER, HAALP!). Since people were not using electricity 24 hours a day (actually, they were unable to use it, since there IS no electricity available), they quadrupled the electricity prices so that the same amount of money could be made as if they were ACTUALLY using electricity 24 hours a day. In addition, wapda installed meters that run so fast, they'd win a gold medal in a 1000m race in the olympics . So, where is all the oil going? Obviously they want to sell it to the highest bidder - e.g. you and me , in the form of petrol (why the hell would anyone in their right minds want to sell it to the electricity generation companies at subsidised rates?) .

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WTH!!!?!!1??? Lahore: 47 Degrees, 89% Humidity, 8+ Hours loadshedding

well 47 degrees and 89% humidity is understandable thats why for hotter regions air conditioner have been invented for more than 100 years now so you have no reason to complain about that.

8+ Hours loadshedding<<<< why u r complaining man, this is so s-t-u-p-i-d, you people had one thing good going for you highly educated musharraf, you didn’t give a s-h-i-t then, when you people elect Zardari, elect Sharif brothes in punjab, put f-u-c-k like chaudhrty back as CJ, then you ain’t got no f-r-e-a-k-i-n right to complain, you deserve everything whats going on right now because you voted for it, i wish for all those voters who voted or sold their votes to these ghaddars and all the people who go out on marches for them 1000 times more azab from all mighty god. you deserve it genuinely.


IIRC, about a year or so ago, I actually heard directly from Nawaz Shareef’s mouth on TV that “if Chaudry Iftikhar is restored as Chief Justice then crime rate will go down, load shedding will vanish, food prices will go down, prices for oil, gas, and electricity will go down blah blah blah”.

That were his own words in a press conference. I wonder what he’ll claim now? Maybe that, in 2012 earth will be destroyed if he is not Prime Minister by then.


Everyone and their mother knows that was total bullshit. The whole judges fiasco was nothing, but an ego war for the politicians, lawyers and the CJ himself.

But what is so surprising about this loadshedding schedule? This is the daily routine of Karachiites.

Hey guys just cool down, I have solution to all our problems. Lets get rid of this sham democracy, get back to monarchy and declare the Reverend Asif Ali Zardari as our king and after taking over all neighbouring countries, make him an emperor. All problems solved.

In Sialkot there was regular loadshedding during the 2 days which were loadshedding free. I ca ngive you solution for this problem buy a house near "Jati Umrah" or "Bilawal house"(if there is one in Lahore) there will be no loadshedding in your whole life!

all politicians lie.

Cool Down Dudes!

Temperature at this topic is also seeming Above 50...! ;)

In the month of June, I have been experiencing uninterrupted electricity supply for the past 3 days.. Is it a dream or what? I am living in Karachi btw..

It's not a dream. I'm a similar Karachiite who has been experiencing uninterrupted supply(thanks to Allah for his mercy). Did you notice how we were having persistent loadshedding and suddenly when Zardari came to the city for two days, there was not a single hour of loadshedding? This is a proof of how fabricated this "electricity crisis in Karachi" is. The KESC is saving up on furnace oil to reduce it's costs. They are not buying more of it either.

I don't know if this has happened in your locality yet, but the KESC seems to have found another way of conducting "loadshedding". Using cable faults as a pretext. It seems they are doing this on a rotational basis. Every other day there seems to be a different locality that goes out of power for about 10-12 hours in a day and the excuse that KESC gives is "cable fault".

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In the month of June, I have been experiencing uninterrupted electricity supply for the past 3 days… Is it a dream or what? I am living in Karachi btw…

Enjoy the dream Dude!..bcoz this dream will not be everlasting…! :(

i have not had more than 2 hours load shedding per day for the entire 2009 so no complains from me :P

which area in karachi are you talking about? *people with no power outages*

Lahore changing into Hell

Each one of us who are educated and have reach on IT the most modern technology are responsible for all the mess.

Because we all like to stay silent and dont like to protest. This is my and our nature.

If it is happening with Swat people or people in Lahore, OK no problem, its not me and my headache.

When it will happen with me, I will say that everyone who lives in Pakistan should be in same trouble like I am.

The concept of NATION has slowly been eliminated for our lives and souls. These days it is "I COME FIRST AND I AM NOT LIKE THEM & "

Together we stand

otherwise, we all know the history of many nations that are no more on the face of the globe.

Allah Pakistan ki Hifazat Karay AMEEN! ( sorry for roman urdu, I got carried away).

What to protest! if i protest i am underarrest! if i keep quite then i am irresponsible! Change the topics name WTH to "This is the Hell" . I am not a human being, we don't require basic needs to live, we are animal! How wonderfull! No water, no sui gas, no rations! we are living in hell! What a pleasure! enjoy your life! :)

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which area in karachi are you talking about? people with no power outages

Gulistan-e-Johar to be precise… The load shedding free period has now entered its 5th day, and counting… Let’s see how long does it last…

They have increased the load shedding down here in NWFP.Fkheads have ruined our lives.Raja Pervez damn you

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i have not had more than 2 hours load shedding per day for the entire 2009 so no complains from me :P

Unbelievable…! :o Dude i think u are sitting outside the Pakistan now a days…!

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Unbelievable…! :o Dude i think u are sitting outside the Pakistan now a days…!


Not exactly, but in a part of Pakistan from where everything look beautiful and heavenly. :)

However, in our part of Pakistan, where 16 billion people live, I don’t remember I have spent a single day when I have not cursed the current government. :expressionless:

Lahore was indeed very hot yesterday. The weather in Islamabad is a bit less hot but tolerable.