WTF is this show? (living on the edge)

First we had that patriotic Pakistani girl and now we have a rapist on this show!

WTH is that!?

WTF?!? :/ :/ :rolleyes:

its just a staged stupid show which is doing nothing more than degrading the image of pakistani people

I used to watch this till last year, it was my favorite show but then i found out that it was all planned not real, and i stopped watching it.

Another stupid ''drama'' program it is.

WTF...rapist is being interviewed and host is askin questions like he wanted to film the whole scene shith**e....these so called fuckin channels shud face a life time ban :mad:


ditto!! They ban geo if they get a slightest oppurtunity(not a big fan of geo though) but these supposedly family channels show this kind of stuff nd show like these keep on going

This is totally rubbish. Can't believe these guys allowed it to go on air.

I have just submitted a complain at PEMRA website against this program. Suggest you do the same at

I hope some judge takes sumoto action against this garbage.

already mentioned in previous Living on the edge topic this topic doesnt reflect the inner of Pakistanis , this show is completely fake as i submited the video proof too in previous topic , but my concern is why the hell this waqar dude staging stupid topics and discussions on a youth channel ,, i will support th ban against waqar zaka and his crappy so called reality show ,,,,


Its aired on musictv.Yesterday I saw a girl who were ready to pull out her clothes..this was the dare given to her by this mexican beard a$$ho*e :| whats going on.Remind this man that you're living in Pakistan.This doesn't suits you stupid.This show should be banned.I've already logged a complaint to PTA.

Well thats the biggest downside of a free media. They should be more responsible.

as many members have said this show is completely fake Xainnadeem posted a link about a video where he is telling contestants what to do. he even tells them "if you laugh in the interview stage we will start all over again". he basically tells them how to act and what to speak.

so called contestants like rapists, kissing girl and other stupids increase the popularity of the show and create buzz among the young people.

here is the link of the video Xainnadeem posted in previous topic.

This is all planned bullshit yaar.

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This show is nothing but the biggest bakwaasiyat ever . After seein a couple of videos

like this one and the latter I can tell from where they got their inspiration

From here ... trying to "inspire" us by showing off their reality . Judging by that so called VJ's hair he is a choora himself . I dunno what kind of image of Pakistan are they showing . I know bad things lurk everywhere but most of us are fully aware that we are solely responsible for our own acts so why do things like that?

Anyways I havent seen guys like these in my whole life and never hope to do so Inshallah.

This guy waqar hooks up with his freinds at hukka bar in near khdda market and drink alcohal !!! verybody know here that he was number one charsi of the area and he still is.

I know it's planned but you cannot show such kind of thing on TV.

I have also forwarded a complaint against this f**king so called dare show to PEMRA. I request other members to do the same cuz this bullshit is portraing ugly image of our country. WTF??? :/

its good entertainment.

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its good entertainment.

Are u saying it abt that freaking stupid show???

no i'm talking about a show in Venezuela! Ofcourse i am talking about this show. its fun to watch