[WTB] Used PC Card WiFi


I am in need of buying 3 used WiFi 802.11b/g PC Card (PCMCIA card) for laptops.

I shall prefer 802.11g but even 802.11b will work too. I am located in Rawalpindi. I know that I can buy new WiFi PC card for Rs. ~1500 but as I am doing a small "project" that's why I don't want to spend a lot, used cards will work.

I checked Rawalpindi Sadar but can't find any used WiFi PC cards. I shall highly appreciate if anybody can guide me (by name of shop) from where I can get used WiFi PC Card for laptop. Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your reading this.


Any body? Any location in Rawalpindi/Islamabad to purchase used (second-hand) WiFi PC Card (PCMCIA) for laptops?


check dubai plaza murree road. if its not there, u will not find it elsewhere i guess


^ ali83

Thanks a lot. I shall check it tomorrow.