WTB: USED Logitech Z-5500 5.1 Surround Speakers

I want to buy these speakers. Should be used but in EXCELLENT condition.

If anyone has them, please let me know.

i hv 2 months used 5.1 barracuda , are u interested

Barracuda 5.1 speakers? :S

I think you mean headphones!

Anyway no thanks i want these speakers only.

Come on doesn't anyone have these great set of speakers??!

i dont think anyone wud sell these. they're too good to lose.

you could look at megaworks 550 or sumthing. they're comparably good if you dont need the hardware decoding and stuff like that

I know about that but who knows i might just get lucky.

No i want only these speakers as they appeal to me a lot. Logitech and ONLY Z-5500.

I will consider other good speakers as well as of now. So whoever has a good set of speakers, kindly let me know.

NOTE: I don't want low-end surround keep in mind.

whats ur demand for ur speaker ?

I don't have speakers? I am looking to buy one.