WTB: Used laptop with 512 RAM and Wifi

Budget: Rs. 20,000 max (can be increased a little bit if the specs are high)

RAM: 512 MB at least

HD: 30 GB at least

Screen: 14.1 at least

Wifi: Must have

DVD Rom: Having DVD writer or Combo will be good but DVD Rom will also do

Processor: P4 or latest. I will prefer not to have Celeron but if other specs like RAM, HD e.t.c. are high then Celeron can also be considered.

Floppy: not required

Modem: not required but if available then better

LAN: Must have

Battery time: 1 hour at least when working/using laptop like watching movie e.t.c.

Any body selling or have any idea where can I get that? Shall I check in Uni center or Galaxy?


i happen to have the item that you are interested in buying..

it is still new and in excellent working conditions. complete with all the accessories and applications.

the reason why i will sell it to you for the price that you have indicated is that i want to buy another one that is different .

it has all the features that you are looking for in fact its almost the same, only that it is 500 MB, and no DVD writer but a DVD ROM.

but every other thing is complete.

if you are interested let me know: terrysmith507@gmail.com

awaiting your reply.

Yes I m interested. You mean it has 500 MB RAM? Check your email for details.

hello i got your email .

but i don't understand what you are asking me about , i already told you that all the features that you mentioned are on this laptop . its the same model as well. only that its 500 MB RAM .

besides its just 4 months old. so you should be happy .

i got the same specification laptop last month for my sibling in 20000 from regal chowk saddar.

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hello i got your email .

but i don’t understand what you are asking me about , i already told you that all the features that you mentioned are on this laptop . its the same model as well. only that its 500 MB RAM .

besides its just 4 months old. so you should be happy .


Ok just tell me make and model.

OK, sorry i misunderstood you.

the laptop is a DELL product and the model is Latitude C640.

this is all the features:....

Manufacturer : DELL

Model: Latitude C640

Processor : Intel® Pentium® 4, 1.8MHz

Screen Size/Type : 14.1-inch (UXGA), TFT 1280 x 1024 active-matrix color display

Memory : 500 MB SDRAM

Hard Disk : 30 GB

Optical Drive: DVD-ROM Optical Drive

Floppy : Floppy drive

Network Card : 10/100 LAN

USB Port: Yes (2)

Interfaces : 2 PCMCIA, 1 parallel, 1 serial, USB ports, RJ45, RJ11, 3 audio jacks, VGA- video, keyboard, mouse, docking, IEEE 1394 connector.

Operating System : Windows XP Pro with COA license

Software Bundle: Microsoft Works 8.5 with word processing

WI-FI : Wireless 802.1b internal adapter

Power Adapter: AC power adapter included

Battery: Lithium Ion battery.

i hope this is exactly what you are looking for.

awaiting your reply asap. via email.

Boss sorry you replied a little late I just came back purchasing IBM ThinkPad R51. Sorry for any trouble.

^Hey I have the same model. But Its LCD is crashed. Slipped from my cousins hand. Can anybody tell me how much new LCD will cost me of the same model??

hello satan 2204

visit this web page it is very good you will find the stuff that you are looking for there.


By the way here are the specs and price of laptop I purchased.

Model: IBM ThinkPad R51

Intel Centrino 1.6 Ghz

VGA: Intel extreme graphics 2 for mobile

Screen: 15"

HD: 40 GB

RAM: 512

CD-Writer + DVD combo



WiFi 802.11 b/g



Active Protection System (APS): In short this feature senses if the laptop is falling and within moments it parks hard drive head to protect data

To read more follow this link http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Active_Protection_System

At the moment I am running it on battery by doing browsing, chatting, downloading. 1 hour and 30 minutes have passed and battery still showing that 40 minutes are left.

Price: Rs. 21,000

By the way I got it from TechnoCity Karachi.

^ How much LCD will cost me? And where is Techno City? I'm in clifton.

No idea about LCD but TechnoCity is on I.I Chundrigar road opposite Uni Plaza the old laptop market.


tech man.

i am not a fraud that you see me to be.

i was also a victim. i can explain every thing. go to the biggest scam thread.

please hope you understand.

^ Well your posts have been deleted. :) warned you not to post in CAPS :) Sah is pretty quick.

ANd please stop fighting with tech man or some body else. If you think your not a fraud just prove it there in that thread. That is Thread Hijacking :) I think your not fimiliar with the forum rules and regulations :)

how do i do this satan?