WTB: Ps2 Phat

Guys im looking for a PS2 phat...and all the accesories that come with it..the package should also have a memory card with it..

cash limit is 3-5k

i think u mean Playstation Portable (PSP).

you cant get any thing in 3-5 k

PS2 Flat with 30 Games 1 controller n Memory Card..


i already have an seller selling me 20 games..with 2 controllers and a memory card for 5.4k....looking for a better deal...

i have ps2 phat but it have some reading disc problem i bought it from abroad and its modified i am also searching for just console and fat one if any body is selling tell me

what kind of problem..if its a lens problem...then sorry..if it needs to be serviced..ill be glad to deal

i dont know may be but i dont want to sell it until i get a new phat ps2 console