Wtb: .pk domain with a hosting plan for cheep

i need to buy a .pk domain with some good hosting for good rates, can some one assist me.

I have using 2 domain with hosting.


[business hosting due to no spam]

Having good rate & due to its local company so easy to communicate & solve issues.

If u wanna simple html & php site upto 150Mb. It cost you nearly 4000 P/A.

When I bought the hosting the domain name is free with Basic Plan.

Similarly rate increased 500MB upto 6500 P/A.

Office is also in Islamabad.

Contact "SaharTech" http://www.sahartech.net.pk

They are "PKNIC SRS Member" and in hosting field from last 10 years and have good hosting plans available..

try honextech.com they have good prices...

If you want .pk domain and 500 MB hosting for Rs. 3000 / year, contact me.

bought .pk domain from nexus.com, at the price

.pk domain for 2 years 29.99$

host 2000 unix 1year 24.00$

thank you guys for the guideline

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Don't buy the .pk domain in dollars. after exchange conversion it ends up costing litlle bit expensive.

I met and bought .pk 'prepaid card' from Nadeem Gogan@MOTI NETWORK (owner ) for Rs 2000/domain/2years . Also had surveyed around beforehand and sahartech was charging 2500 for 2 yr prepaid card. Its basically not a physical card. They generate card numbers from .pk's online system and email it to you and then you can register your domain your self.

Although Nadeem bhai informed about his webhosting site (www.webhosting.pk) but I still don't have any webhost, As on godaddy i was using a domain with email forwarding option forwarded to gmail without any need for webhost as i didn't needed to upload any website at the moment its working flawlessly with godaddy but haven't figured out a way to do the same with pknic as option wise their system isn't that advanced compared to godaddy's so my pknic domains r just parked.

p.s. I am not in anyway related to moti network. I am a paranoid kind of person and although moti network allows online bank transfer option for payment but as i was in Karachi too so i phyically went to their office, met them and bought 'prepaid card' from them. Nothing better then a face to face meeting and transaction.