WTB: Original Genuine Casing

I have Nokia 5310 ExpressMusic. But some how casing broke. Now I need a new casing fo my mobile. Problem is I checked in saddar and in MZ, No body sells the genuine casings which comes with mobiles at the time of purchasing. Do you guys know anyone who sells genuine casings. I talked with MZ guy. He said If somebody wants genuine casing they can import it but it will be damn costly and only high local copies of casings are available. Why we don't have original casings here Yaar :(

Anyways anybody out there who has bricked there 5310 or whatever the reason is want to sell genuine casing or complete mobile. PM me :)


Sorry Dude you cant buy a new casing or even a new genuine charger or headphones or any other stuff for mobiles here in Pakistan. These things simply are not imported. you can try a first copy or buy from domeone else who is willing to sell it to you for some reason. I recently bought a genuine handsfree from Gulshan Market for 300. You may find casings in such way too.

by the way, why do you need a genuine casing? first copy is 95% the same

^ Yaaar I checked here at boat basin. That guy was giving me the first copy for 600. But Buttons and casing was not looking good to me. I early bought a first copy for my w810i and it was pathatic. That is the reason I want a genuine one this time.

And yes I know there is no one out there selling genuine accessories, Bu still hoping someone out there will sell it:)

Anyways the guy at MZ told me that he will import the genuine casing from dubai for 2500 :(


you can find a genuine casing by luck from someone. May be some "good guy" exchange it with you.

casing costing 2500 :P it will better to buy a new phone and sell the old one

if the buttons dont look good, its not a first copy. i told you 1st copy are 95% same :)

So where can I get first copies? MZ?? or Saddar ? I don't trust saddar people :(

u can get orignal casing for about 1500rs, and A class for about 600

get it from imperial market

Im in karachi. Anybody selling original here in karachi ?