Wtb :: Motherboard Having 1333 Fsb , Ddr2 800 Support


------------URGENT r e q u i r e d --------------

motherboard for budget system

must be 1333 fsb ready and ddr 2 800 bus support

asus , intel , msi , gigabytei ,biostar etcccc

p5nmx , p5kplvm wudbe great

intel d965ryck , even though it does not have 1333 fsb support .it will also work for me

any one selling tell me the model number and asking


buy the dg31pr intel it will cost you 4750 rs has everything you mentioned above.


common ppl .,.,

no one selling nmx or kplvm etc/,..,..,


i have Intel DG33GB bought in march , new one cost around 8500 , how much u will offer, just to u know DG31 does not support new processor.