WTB : Graphic card for not more than 5000

I need a used graphic card , either ati aur nividia , my range is upto 5000 . and i m using DG31PR with Dual core E5200 on it. The card should be either 512 mb or 1 gb memory.

If any one is willing to sale his , kindly let me know , as i m in lahore , it will be easier for me to buy from here otherwise i will have to go to hafeez center..


someone recommended me 7600gt, check out it yourself

7600gt is too old and a crap card now days so don't go for it. U can look forward to buying 7900gt, 7950gt, 8600gt/gts, A guy "kashif" on many forums here selling MSI 7950GT u can negotiate with him and buy that.

7950gt , is it 512 mb ?

i have heard about 9500 gt . it is 1 gb card n new price is 6000 , how is that card ? any one knows ?

here's the link to the thread


and yes it is 512Mb and is a very gud card. And about 9500gt, if u find ddr3 version of this card for Rs.6000 then go for it otherwise 7950gt is a very very gud card if u can get it for 5K.