WTB: E4500 or E5200

Hi Guyz,

I need a processor either E4500 or E5200. Preferably in Warranty.

Best Regards.


i guess u r asking for the processors which no one wants to sale cuz they are preety good ones and reliable

i have e4500 but i dont want to sale it anyway....

BTW wats the price of new E4500 now?

New one is not available in the market so not sure about the price.

Heard that new E4500 is available at 7200-7500.

I don't agree with the price u quoted. Coz last time when i saw the prices on galaxy there was very little difference in prices of e7200 and e4500 which was less than a thousand rupees and e7200 still selling at Rs.9600 so e4500 should be atleast around Rs.8600.


its not wise to buy a used processor

wait may be i will think about seeling mine n getting a new one but after a week

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wait may be i will think about seeling mine n getting a new one but after a week

At what price?

I can wait for a Week, if price is reasonable .

what is the final price PM me...


yar i am now in karachi

at a wedding.....

so when i ll return home on monday i ll talk to u

however i can tell u that i bought it for 8900rs and i dont wana give it for much difference.....

tell me how much u can afford

yaar, today new E7200 is available at 9K.

So , Whats ur demand, it should be in accordance with new rates.

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no prob. buddy....

hey buddy , i have e5200 , just bought one month ago , i would like to sell it , it has 2 years and 10 months warrentty left , i have to buy C2D , email me ur bid at abrarnaeem85@gmail.com

try to go to the market.

anyone interested in selling ?