WTB- Digital Camera 4-8 MP

i am intrested to buy a new or used digital camera 4-8 mega pixel,which have good night mode,and a decent internal or external memory.

also all freinds guide me for buying any good digital camera give your suggestion.

tks a lot

budget ?

as cheap as possioble(but not free)5000 to 10000

Check Olypums,u can find a new 7-MP digital Camera in ur desired range

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Check Olypums,u can find a new 7-MP digital Camera in ur desired range

any specific model

i think sony cybershot i saw in a shop 7mp was about 11500

2 months ago

Yaar dont go with MP only. What r u gonna do with 8 MP,make a poster?? Better buy one that shoots fast, has pic quality, can save images fast, images r not shaky, good firmware installed. i dont own a camera :P

I have a Panasonic FX01

Black colour , 6 MP

optical image stabilization

wide angle 28mm Lens

3.6 X optical zoom

complete with box,manual and accessories.

A few links to check out the reviews:



If you are interested,make me an offer

Most of the compact digicams dont have a good night mode.

If you want the best night mode in compact camera,check out these Fujifilm models f20, f30, f31fd,f50fd,f100fd

but iam afraid they are not available in Pakistan.the rest (sony,nikon,canon,panasonic,olympus) have similar night quality.

wats ur demand

Rs. 9000 including 2GB memory card

see my other post for pictures

^^ You are asking way too much for a used camera.

Check out the Buy/cell thread. I saw couple of guys selling camera.

I bought this for Rs. 18000

i am selling it at half for what i bought

I have Olympus 810 (japan) {all weather}and its an awesome camera i bought that 2 years back in 27000/= but the copy is available in 15000/= same 8 mp but the quality of the picture is far to compare ! so beaware of the fake mega pixels , go for the EFFECTIVE mega pixels.

The more Megapixel doesnt necessarily mean better quality.

It just means large size.

quality depends on sensor and lens.

I have a nikon d40 slr camera which is just 6 megapixels.now check out its quality:


no compact camera of even 12 megapixels can match its quality.