Guyz i need 2GB DDRII ram !

Anyone interested in selling, reply here OR Email me.

Best Regards.

Hi nomi929,i am interested in selling my 1GB(667) X 2 ddr2 of kingston.BUt where do u live.I'll post or email u further once i get to know ur location.

By the way,bought both from Galaxy karachi on july 2008 and have 4.5 yrs of warranty still remaining.

Bro... I am from Lahore !!!

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Bro… I am from Lahore !!!

Sorry then Bro! I don’t think it’ll be feasible to carry out transaction through a courier.Moreover,I have never couriered and don’t know how it’s done so i guess its over from me now.

yeah i have 2 gb ddr2 kingston 800 mhz , will sell them at 1900 each , 1gb ddr2 kingston 800 mhz at 1150 , 512 mb ddr2 kingston 667 mhz for 500 , and 512 mb ddr2 samsung 667 mhz at 400

Reply me at abrarnaeem85@gmail.com if u r interested. I AM FROM LAHORE

Bro. new Kingston 2gb ddr2 800 mhz is avail at 1,550.

Why u selling at such high rate?