Wrong Drive Volume?

I am having a wierd problem that when I click on the properties of any drive(C,D,E),it is giving me wrong USED SPACE and FREE SPACE rather intechanging the two..I have D DRIVE of 15GB..The properties of that drive shows me 5GB FREE SPACE and 10GB USED SPACE..However in actual I have 5GB USED SPACE and 10GB must be the available space then...Same the case with other drives too!!

What is the problem with that!!!!

May be your Windows installation has reached it's age. It's time to freshly reinstall Windows :)

I dont think so..and its been 3 months I installed a new window!!!

^ dogarsahab

Your Windows are already getting there.

Perhaps, it might be due to some Explorer add-on.

However, I'll suggest you to do a full chkdsk of your volume. Might be some hidden error in file-system or MFT.

hmm let me try this!!!