WP IRC Channel


Channel closed, sorry.


Good idea, i have joined


sounds that IRC still exists!!


I am in!


We have redirected the IRC channel to www.wiredpakistan.info


actually now we will have to keep an eye at two places for discussion

Edit: actually its a good idea as there will be less rules there and we all can post BS there easily


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More detailed and elaborated discussions will always take place at WP.


post edited


kool job haris. 5 ***** for you. i joined its good.


Good Job Haris :)


sticky this topic


is it on EFnet?



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sounds that IRC still exists!!

wt do u mean by still exist ?

i m not using irc now but i know most of master minds using IRC, Irc is still a great source of information, i remember those days when i configured my first bot.


no not EFnet he is using ircnode


Awesome job SECC and Haris.

KO, please add a link to the chat-room page in the navigation bar!


Btw guys there is a beter chatbox plugin for punbb if KO wants to add chatbox he shud add it

it is far better than this 1


asl pls..


^Ha, maybe.

Nice initiative.


@isharis: Please don't spam everyone asking them to join the irc channel. Its in bad taste. This thread is here. If anyone is interested they'll join it.


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No intention of spamming. I was banned when I joined the channel. I needed to talk. Sorry about this.


you are the OP and you got banned?


good job isharis