World's Smallest Camera

It has been introduced by OmniVision

Technologies, a supplier of CMOS Camera Chip image sensor solutions for high-volume imaging applications.

Besides being the new kid on the small block, it also cost-efficient, in fact the only 1/18-inch sensor available, offering low power operation for use in miniature cameras.

The 2.1 mm by 2.3 mm CSP packaged chip will enable a 3.2 mm diameter microscopic camera module and is an ideal solution for low-cost applications requiring both excellent color video performance and a very small footprint.

The ultra small OV6920 is a single-chip OmniPixel Camera Chip system, which only needs clock and power to get the NTSC composite signal out for direct interface with a VCR/TV/monitor. The OV6920 Camera Chip is designed for very low power consumption, requiring only a single 3.-volt DC supply.

Success is highly expected, as the manufacturers are very proud of their creation: "We consider it a major accomplishment by our excellent engineering team to enable such a significant reduction in size over our previous smallest 1/7-inch camera chip. The closest thing in the market today is a 1/12-inch CCD," said Hasan Gadjali, OmniVision's Vice President for Advanced Products. "We are encouraged by the initial response to the OV6920 single Camera Chip. Several customers are evaluating samples and are very excited about the possibilities this small camera can offer."

Indeed, this product could offer a number of commercial possibilities like highly integrated single-chip CMOS image sensors for mass-market consumer applications such as mobile phones, digital still cameras, security and surveillance systems and automotive imaging systems, and some of them even exclusive, like disposable cameras for medical applications such as intubation and diagnostic systems, making many medical procedures even less invasive for the patient.



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