WorldCall Cable Internet Problem?

Anyone having problems ? My connection has worked flawlessly over the past two years. I think two days downtime in two years however it's acting weird since the past 3/4 days. Torrents are running at full speed but http and web are getting lots of Page not found. It's like it dies every 6 mins for 2 mins. For example wiredpak is working in one tab and newegg is not found. Hotmail opens but google wont.

Anyone has any info or is it just me ?

Seems to be alright at my end - I'll keep an eye open for anything like that though and post back.

I did notice something a few days ago though, might be what's wrong. The modem seems to become overloaded with too many open connections (because of torrents) and HTTP doesn't work until you reset it. If you can't load the modem's config page ( when it 'dies' this is probably what's wrong. Reduce the number of max. open connection in your torrent client and that should fix it, if this is the problem.

Great advice, Waleed, thanks I'll try it out. That might be the reason as my torrent program is a bit over loaded.

There is defiantly something wrong with Worldcall Cable. The service gets disrupted every 30 mins. Many DOS and even the cable tv goes out every now and then.

It is due to torrent are getting full download speed.

Set downloading speed.

@ Abbas:

I am surprised that it took you so long to figure out. I hate to point out the obvious but remember when I said WorldCall sucks, Its true man. I have applied for PTCL DSL which is in process.

Regarding your problem - its because their server keeps crashing under the load of client requests; though the company will never admit it. My information comes directly from the mouth of technical personals whose private conversation I overheard while I telephoned the department to lodge my complaint.