World Call EVDO Performace Issue!


Good Day!

I have brought a World Call EVDO connection with 1 MBPS and I 'm even unable to connect at times. I live in Gulistan e Johar Block 7, I 'm unable to get even full green segment in the signal quality bar. download speed I 'm getting is around 3 to 8.6 Kbps.

While buying the connection I clearly asked these guys for the signal quality in my area and they told me that you will get at least 70% of your selected plan.

I tried calling them and raised a complaint but feels that its useless. I 'm using Dell Vostro 1310 notebook with Vista Ultimate. My house is located near Johar Complex (Main university road).

Please advice.

(In city area like Press Club Saddar it works fine! and all green, blue and orange segments are available)


Post it in the eVDO thread, maybe in your area you don't get signals. When you say you asked them. of course they would say you will get good signals they want to sell their product.


i can buy your usb :)

and my offer is 2500 :) becuz after one month if u want to disconnect your connection they will charge you 2500 and return you 2000 :) i offer you 500 more


Sorry to disapoint your cutershan, the deduction at refund is only Rs. 1,000/- and I think Sabih your problem is solved now.

Wish you all the best with connection!


I am also using EVDO device and I live near Safora Chaurangi... I am using 256 KBPS package and it is working fine for me.

Yes, sometime me too can't connect but after 1 or 2 attempt I get connected. Few days ago it took me around 15 minutes to get connected so I called the helpline and they fixed the problem. After that it is working fine.

And me too don't see the FULL GREEN signals. But the speed is OK for me.