Wonderful Weird Things

I'm just starting out this new blog.


There are a few posts, blog need lots of visual enhancements, plugin integration, on page optimization.

Its receiving 200 uniques a day and we haven't yet fully started link building & promotion.

Your review?

In one word... Cool!

interesting blog !!

Yes bhi its too gd plz keep it more interesting and weird.

Thank you all :)

Where are you getting these images from? No credit to original artists/photographers?

Hi, I'm back with stats update.

Site was redesigned and relaunched, my subordinate was doing test posts when this thread was started so posts were not done properly. All posts have proper credits now.

Blog has around 100 posts now.

Its averaging 2000 - 25,00 page views per day with 800 - 1500 visitors.

Earned $190 in Adsense in June.

60% traffic is from North America (Canada, USA) rest Russia, EU, India and Pakistan.

With 565 Feed subscribers.

Next I'm planning an intense campaign which will double its earnings and page views in 40 days.

Your review please?