Witribe false billing

guys i have been using there services for the past one month and now comes the first problem

i have activated 512kps package with 5gb cap which costs 750 per month as mentioned in there website n their brochures.today i have received my first bill in my e-mail which says that monthly charges are 822.58 rs. they have given me a discount of 350 as they have promised but how come the monthly charges are rs 822.56 ..

need help from those users who are already using there services ....

will go there customer services centre first thing in the morning

forget to mentioned this.......................................

may be they are charging on the day to day basis instead of the month

Please pay your bills on or before due date to avoid:

- Downgradation of your service at 64kbps immediately after your due date, and;

- Termination of your account on the 15th day of the issuance of your bill.

How bout emailing them back and asking them why the hell your bill is that much.

Did they itemize the bill so you can see why it went that high or just emailed you with a magic number to pay?

Thanks for letting us know, cause I'm keeping my eye on which service to buy. Seems each one of them has some kind of problem.

But this billing thing, if not resolved is a big headache.

I got a bill of 670.97rs, even though its supposed to be 650 per monthAnd now I get why.

Billing period for my bill is 31 July - 31 August ... thats an extra day along with the month of August. The date of 31st July! And thats when I got the connection

650/31 = 20.97

650+20.97 = 670.97

Please tell what your exact billing period is. Im half betting its from 28 July - 31 Aug since you are charged exactly 3 extra days.