Wireless router

i want a wireless router to take my sony psp nintendo ds and nokia n95 online which one is affoardable and does the Job best---->.?

Linksys WRT-54GL around 4000

I have the DLink DI524, Bought it for 3000 i think.

Are you using DSL? I would suggest to buy a Wireless DSL Modem/Router and remove your current modem if it is not wireless. You have issues in portforwarding if you have 2 routers on the same connection.

^^ cant we use port-triggering to forward ports when using two routers ?

No port forwarding is a bit difficult if you have a modem already which also has port forwarding and if you add a router infront of the modem which also has port forwarding then there are 2 devices connected which are both routers and have the functionality of Port Forwarding. After around 1 year of headaches i found a way around this and it isnt easy. My Router's ip was and my Maxcom modem's ip was and both these devices had Port forwarding option. Thing is you cant just forward ports on both these devices and expect them to work it wont work that way. What you have to do is to change the Router's ip to something which is in the Modem's subnet like this : 192.168.1.xxx You can chose whatever the last subnet to be but the first 3 must be 192.168.1 otherwise it wont work. Now that you have both of them on 192.168.1.xxx then you can forward ports on the Modem and disable NAT and portforwarding on your router. Also, instead of connecting the wire from modem to the WAN port of the router you have to connect the wire to a LAN port of the router and leave the wan port empty.

This way the Wireless Router works just like a switch. All port forwardings at the modem's interface and you can also use Wireless internet using the router.

There is a detailed tutorial on how to do this on portforward.com if you want. It really helped me but it was pretty confusing and took a while to understand.

What you should be buying is a Switch if you already have a modem/router. Most of the modem's are ALSO routers, If your modem has portforwarding then its also a router and to have 2 routers on the same computer makes portforwarding almost impossible and you have to do the method i mentioned above. I would suggest to have just one device rather then a modem then a router buy a DSL Modem which is also a wireless router so that you only have one device also make sure it has enough ports to connect other computers using Wired Connection. That way it avoids all the problems of port forwarding. You need to forward ports to play a few games like Fifa and also to download stuff from torrents.

^ doesn't your modem have a bridged mode option?

setting it in bridged mode would mean it would not act as a router and you would not have any issues with IP clashes...

after that you would just have to connect the modem to the routers WAN port, setup your router with your internet userid/password (or static IP, this depends on your ISP) and you would be good to go...

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btw how i can use it with dial up dnt care bout speed

you would need a dial up modem which has aan Ethernet interface...

you would need a dial up modem which has aan Ethernet interface...

am using ZyXel wireless router with my ptcl 1 mb connection. the modem (shiro) and router are on 1st floor while i usually use my lappy on ground floor and it still gives 'Very Good' signals. for Rs.3000 a month ago. plus i've connected my desktop lan from it aswell.. works well.