Wireless net in Langerpur (village near Jhelum)

Slam folks!

Im going to visit Pak in some months. Was wondering about if you guys know abt any company offering wireless net to village im going to stay.

Im interested in rent, as im only going to be there for 2 weeks. Contacted Wateen yesterday, they got WiMax. But they arnt offering service in my ''area''. Price is no worry ;)

There isnt any landline in that village, so yeah.

Could you guys please suggest any wireless net company for me? Im not well known in this kind of stuff in Pakistan :)


To admin: Didnt knew where to post this, sorry if I posted in wrong section.

^ If you want internet just for browsing, then you can use your cellphone for connecting to pc.

For this you just need:

1. Cellphone with GPRS/EDGE

2. An Unlimited Data plan or an Hourly plan

Nowadays GPRS is easily available everywhere. So Problem solved, but still ask anyone in your village that if GPRS is available or not.