Wireless headphone


is there any wireless headphone available in the market and if yes what is the price


ya there are i think it would cost you 500-600 rupees but that also depend on the quality


Chinese headphones are available in Karachi market for around 650. Been using it for almost a year..good range and acceptable sound quality. I use it mainly for watching TV.

I have also seen some branded wireless headphones from Phillips few months back. If I recall correctly, they were around Rs 2200 in Karachi market.


i bought some cheap chinese wireless headphone for around 700rs a few years back, used it 2,3 days then threw it away. the audio quality sucked, and so bulky, gave feeling of wearing a helmet. the range was ok though, but i didn't like it much.


you are talking about TV i need it for PC


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you are talking about TV i need it for PC

I would think they’d work on both…even mp3 players, I dare say…


it works on every headphone. there are 3 things in the package, the first one you hook to the audio source (audio out) it then sends data to the other part where you plug your headphones. you can plug any headphone to that, even speakers.

btw the third thing is the headphone itself if you start wondering