Wiredpakistan was down 10 minutes ago

I just wanted to tell you that wiredpakistan was down 10 minutes ago

it was giving an error

Cannot connect to mysql server

Happens from time to time.

oh so it means your hosting provider is having server overloads. This often happens on shared hosting which is not a good thing. What if during this time, google crawler try to crawl the forum and then mark the urls as 404? I request site Administrators to take it seriously :)

no server can run constantly forever

everything needs a break....

Even Gmail was down for a few minutes a few days back.

^ Thats the reason Gmail is in still beta release after 4 years I guess :( Waiting for themt o remove that beta thing and make it stable. :(

^Orkut is Beta too. Once people will get used to it they will release the RC version with certain limits , may be charge for the services too.