WiredPakistan Not working since half hour. Alert

Hello, Its been an hour wiredpakistan is not accessible from my provider, which is worldcall. Admins please check. I have accessed to it just to post this thru http://www.all-nettools.com/toolbox/anon.php whiich is annonymous tools. Is somebody blocking website ?

Here is a screen shot I'm geting on my laptop, Checked on my cousins PC too incluging 2 of my frinds using worldcall. Wired Pakistan is down Alert

Screen shot:

Another one with anonymous browsingtool which opens blocked websites online.

Help admins solve the problem.


http://www.wpirc.com/ not working, What the hell is wrong, something wrong with world call? because I can see the online people in WP.

Tested with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Here are the results.

Google Chrome:

IE 7:

Any help whats going on?

working fine here bro ....if forum is down how u can post the message? :)

Dude read my whole thread, I knew some one will criticize me, That is why I added screen shots, anyways saying again, I'm accessing it with anonymous surfing tool, gave link above. Cant access it through normal browser.

Strange, don't know why it's not working.. the server itself for a change is running well.

Do we have a new new update?

Just updated to the latest beta version of FluxBB.

oh yesssssss a new look to wiredpakistan :D

I know, But still cant access it through normal browser, Can someone check it please. I have worldcall. My IP is banned or what?

so how did u write this post......which browser u hav?? its workin on IE

Ahhh how many times I have to tell, I'm opening it through this url,http://www.all-nettools.com/toolbox/anonymous-surfing.php which helps opening blocked sites by goverment or ISP's, See screen shot dude, I cant acess it in any way.....

well if ip is blocked u cant surf any site...just w8 might b som prob wid ur service provider

But why only WP IRC and WP???? AHhhh I'm sick.... Going to sleeep.. Hopefully everything will be perfect. By the we were the first one to see the updates :D

To the moderators: Close this thread.

^ Damn It was way old. You just made it open again.